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Asus Laptop Heating Repair
there are few normal way to use and solve the Heating problem

Asus laptop Heating Repair  There are some way to solve the overheating problem in your laptop.

Normal system heat when during usage when :-

Streaming online video.

Watching or Interacting with Flash Content.

Playing Video Games or Online Games.

Using near a heat source or in a hot environment.

Some problem are occurs when overheat your laptop:-

Down laptop speed when overheat your laptop.

Random Shutdowns.

Random Reboots.

There are some way to solve this problem

Just like laptops need a way to expel the hot air created by their components. No air flow means no heat transfer, so your first step should be figuring out where the air vents are located. Most laptops have vents on the bottom.

While the laptop is running and ideally while it’s running a taxing app check to see if the outflow vents are blowing hot air and the intake vents are letting air in. If you are not feeling much airflow at all, the most common cause is an accumulation of dust in the vents, fans, and cooling channels. It’s not too hard to clean out this dust. Turn your laptop upside-down You may be able to get by with just blowing the dust from the vents using a can of compressed air. If you have a laptop that makes the fans easily accessible through panels you can remove, unscrew those panels and lift out the fan so you can blow the dust out even better.

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